I look at my boyfriend, Devin. I wonder what in the world would prompt him to rip off the bottom of his polo style shirt and tie it around his head? He is mad at me yet again for a reason, or reasons, only known to him. There was some infraction, real or perceived, that I have committed. And he isn't saying. Why does my man have to be "special needs"? Everyone else has normal boyfriends with normal issues. No I have a weirdo. No job. No car. And proud to have made a 4.0 one semester in his low level classes.

I didn't even like Devin in the beginning! He just showed up wherever I was, at my locker between classes, at cheer practice, sitting at the corner of my street after my yearbook meeting, and at McDonalds after a game. I thought he was a stalker. Then he seemed harmless and I was flattered by the attention. Now I was convinced he lives to make me miserable. The problem is my heart is entirely too big. I am too generous and long suffering.

South Chagrin Reservation
It was bad enough that he acted completely antisocial and moody at my family's picnic at Squaw Rock, which really ticked me off. Seriously he couldn't hide his crazy for a day? My aunts and mother sat me down after the soiree imploring I rethink this relationship. Seriously it's not like I am planning to get married! I don't imagine my future with a bunch of extra light bobble headed kids and Devin. But I listened.

So here we sit in the back seat of our friend Alex's car, who was conveniently dating my bff. Devin sat silently looking out of the window. Silently because he isn't speaking to me. I found the whole thing perfectly absurd. Since I am sitting directly behind Mia we talk like our normal chipper selves. We review the day's events and giggle, giggle, giggle. Because we are teenagers and that is what we do. Something in our self contained joy and our gal pal-i-ness sets Alex on edge. Or it could have been "Devin Downers" dark cloud of death. Alex pulls into the lot of Pic-n-Pay and parks the car.

"You both are so damned silly," Alex said.

Our necks whip around and we look at him like he has completely lost his mind. He is one of those normal boyfriends. We would expect this from the King of Romance over there not Mr. Level Headed. When  Mia and I look at each other again we roar with laughter. Needless to say this did not go over well. He then begins to scold us about our immaturity. We are completely without remorse and laugh louder. Not demure hand over mouth modest laughing. No, we are talking head back uvula dancing gut busting laughter.

My gem of a boyfriend springs into action. He finds his voice and says something about it's not worth it. And they get out and go into the store. It takes us awhile to regain our composure. All either one of us has to say is "You both are so damned silly" to get us started again. Once we are silent for a second I have an epiphany. Why in the world should I be tied to somebody who gets on my nerves? Life IS funny and I am young.

"Mia I will see you later," I say.
"Wait for me," she says.


  1. Well done. It seemed to end so quickly, but I guess that is what an epiphany is usually -- something that just hits you like that.

  2. Thank you Judy. That was the idea. *whispers* "Run away little girl don't walk. Get away from the crazy dude."


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