Saturday, January 23, 2010


Your eyes soften
Into shimmering liquid
When our gaze meets
Briefly your impassive
Countenance slips

I am flower
To your sun
Seeking the warmth
That allows my photosynthesis
My body buzzes like a hive
Tending its queen

There you are
There I am

I contemplate being lost in
The sensual plumpness
of your lips

My thoughts wander to
Painfully pleasurable delights
That would make Dante blush


I gather my thoughts
Vowing to ponder no more
Then there is
That infrequent look
And I become undone…

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Darkness surrounds
Eyes lifted heavenward
Reveal no light
They remain downcast

Relief is elusive
Multiple platitudinous clich├ęs
Swirl about
Irritating buzz
Lacking magical egress

Seeking womb like comfort
Body fetally
Absorbing expected blows
Though only mental

Sharp critical voice
Of self
Recites a litany
Of magnified missteps
Measuring against
Impossible perfection

Reality exists beyond
the shadowy edge
In the eggshell walk
Of the others

Who extend but
Cannot reach
And must be content
To wait