Darkness surrounds
Eyes lifted heavenward
Reveal no light
They remain downcast

Relief is elusive
Multiple platitudinous clichés
Swirl about
Irritating buzz
Lacking magical egress

Seeking womb like comfort
Body fetally
Absorbing expected blows
Though only mental

Sharp critical voice
Of self
Recites a litany
Of magnified missteps
Measuring against
Impossible perfection

Reality exists beyond
the shadowy edge
In the eggshell walk
Of the others

Who extend but
Cannot reach
And must be content
To wait


  1. oh, this is just beautiful. I can read you on and on...but the chicken awaits! (but I'll be back!)

  2. Your kind words make me want to be more disciplined! LOL.

  3. Your poetry inspires ME to be more disciplined. I came back to read this and was 'wowed' all over again. This will surely be a favorite, Gina...

  4. Arrrrgggghhh (pirate like) it is very dark! I guess we are sometimes?


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