Somebody said marriage is like cable with one channel...

Some convince themselves
That vampire like
They can fight aging
By engaging younger
And younger prey?

Prey it is…
Determining that one
Can endlessly pluck
The tender fruit
From the garden of life.

Objectifying others
Denying them and self
The need to engage and unify.

And nest and rest
After surveying the life
Lived in earnest.

It is work,
It is struggle,
It is a fight to love.
It ain’t for punks…

Remembering your lovers touch
Both were young
And unlined by life
And trauma
And age

Recognizing the imperfections
OF weight and change
Ultimately not caring

Skin memory says
Those lips still
Are pleasure
Those hands…KNOW

There is still
passion to be lived
Explored, experienced.

Trust opens doors unknown
To those crack heads
Who try to capture
And retain the high
Of first infatuation
and lust...

Time will not be halted
It comes and blows over us
Until we are but dust.

The life survey will happen
May it not be empty
Filled with the chase
Of a high that
cannot be maintained


  1. Love this, it!! You are a writer, girl!!

  2. Thanks Girl, I've been writing...well since I could write! LOL


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