It's not you it is me.

I love Facebook. I do because it affords me the opportunity to talk with people I would have never otherwise gotten to interact with. There are a host of interesting people; notable and everyday folks some make me laugh, others make me think, and there are those that make me want to fight. The conversations are what have turned Facebook into a compulsion. My days have become inextricably tied to Facebook. Hours and hours of my life are eaten up by commenting, posting, tagging, untagging, or uploading. As I speak I am listening to George Michael singing "If You Were My Woman" my immediate thought was to post it on Facebook.

I don't want anything to control me so. I am taking time off. My desire is to reprogram myself. Get my priorities in order. Facebook cannot and should not be a priority. I don't know how long it will take. Like any other addiction I can only approach it one day at a time. I am 2 and 1/2 days in...


  1. I go through break periods too Gina. Social networking can become addicting if we let it. Kudos to you for taking time for yourself!

  2. I am probably due for another. I can't remember how long that one was. I think it was two weeks. It was refreshing. But as soon as I logged back in I was back to full blown addiction.

  3. Gee,

    You are such a great writer!! You inspire me.


  4. Hi Gina,
    I'm just going through my much-neglected blog, and re-visiting other blogs I've listed. Looks like you have been as busy with life as I have --- little time to blog! I see this post is a long while ago. How is it going with the FB re-prioritizing? I hope you now have more hours in your day to use in whatever ways you deem best. I hope you have been writing poetry, too! You and Ben remain in my prayers.

  5. Hey Michele! I haven't really been here in awhile. I just saw your comments. No to prioritizing. I am making a sincere effort now. I am back to FBing. I wasn't gone for long. Not as much as before but close. It can suck all of your time!


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