Tired of the division

As if our country didn't have enough things dividing us, the issue of liberal vs conservative is threatening to tear us apart. Democrats are branded as atheistic, tree hugging, supporters of baby killing. And Republicans are scathingly classified as narrow minded Bible thumpers.
I resent both characterizations. No group is 100% correct. No group carries the banner of God or is intimately connected with His will. We have a hard enough time figuring out our own thoughts. There are intelligent educated people on both sides and there are ignorant followers of the party line on both sides.
And then you have special cases like Rush Limbaugh who confuses his position as an entertainer with relevance. He is the self appointed voice of conservatives. He demanded the apology from the new chairman of the RNC, Michael Steele, and got it. All Steele did was point out the fact that Limbaugh is nothing more than a talking head. I am sure Steele believed it was the prudent thing to do in order to prevent further alienating party members who believe that Limbaugh is their voice. Members who no doubt resent him as their representative. First Obama now this? What a blow to them.
The reality is that nobody should follow any group without question. The U.S. cannot afford to be divided by political groups. Vilifying either group because they hold positions you don't agree with is just silly. So change has come. We all can jump on board and do our part. Or those who are unhappy can suck their teeth waiting for failure. But never mistake the fact that a failure for the President will result in failure for us ALL.


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