Attraction, infatuation, desire
My love, your love, beloved
Soul mate, your mate, my mate, we mate

Baby, babies, children, teens
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy
I need, I want, Can I have

Coffee from your hand
Brown eyes lock on green…

Broken glass, broken toys, spilled milk
Rush, lunches made, meals eaten

Lips brush neck, dishes washed
Quick fondles…

Interrupted plans, restructured plans
Jobs gained, overtime, jobs lost,
Moving, new state, new beginnings

Kisses that ignite deep wells of passion
Grown deeper through the years…

Frustrated screams, escalated arguments, questions?

Whispered declarations of love
Hands still firmly held…


  1. Don't you need to have permission to write about my life? Enjoying reading you.

  2. Gina, Gina, are on fire, girl!!! Love it...I gotta talk to you more about this. Are you published?!?!


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